• Gail Peeke-Vout

    Joint Managing Director

    Gail Peeke-Vout, joint Managing Director (and Colin's long suffering wife!!) opened the salerooms with Colin. Gail is now supposedly semi-retired but is writing these profiles on a Ryanair flight after a visit to Spain! Gail oversees the smooth running of the auction office, and deals with administering valuations. These days Gail mainly oversees the running of our property Company www.cambridgesouthwoldspain.com which offers holiday and short term rentals.

  • Colin Peeke-Vout

    Managing Director

    Colin Peeke-Vout, Managing Director founded Willingham Auctions 21 years ago and has driven the auctions rooms forward to see year on year growth. Colin has reinvested a large proportion of the profits back into the auction house, most latterly building the new saleroom and providing a setting which is open six days a week, for auction entries and valuations, and to enable people to browse what is coming up for auction and buy unsold lots.

  • Sarah Peeke-Vout

    Sarah Peeke-Vout joined the family business after gaining a BAHons in Marketing, she now primarily runs the auction website which she updates daily, Sarah also manages the weekly newsletter. Sarah was responsible for the expansion of the auction cafe, which is now open six days a week. She has employed a Cafe Manageress, and oversees the cafe which serves only home produced food which is sourced locally.

  • Stephen Drake

    Saleroom Manager

    Stephen Drake, joined us 20 years ago and is our Saleroom Manager.  Living locally with his family, Stephen’s role includes valuations, receiving entries for auction, and auctioneering on sale day,  he is also in charge of the smooth running of the sale rooms. Stephen specialises in jewellery, silver, toys and items of virtue, clocks and watches.  Stephen also deals with press releases and is quite regularly on the television and radio.

  • Jerry Seymour

    Jewellery and Watches Consultant

    Jerry Seymour, works for us in a consultancy role. Jerry has been an antiques dealer for the past 30 years, and specialises in jewellery and watches. If you would like to enter jewellery or other smaller items into one of our sales, Jerry will visit clients in the Fenland area.

  • Debbie Allen

  • Rupert Pink