One persons collection of cameras

Posted On: 20 Nov 2023 by Colin Peeke-Vout

Coming up in our sale on Saturday 9th December we have one persons collection of cameras to be sold. The full catalogue will be available to view online from Thursday 30th November. Here are some of the highlighted lots:

One persons collection of cameras

Lot 653: Reid III Type 2 Rangefinder. sn:NP2406 + Taylor Hobson F2/2" Lens - C:1953 - 64 - Shutter works throughout all speeds, chrome is superb as are the covers, focal plane curtain good, RF spot clear. The T&H lens & barrel very good. With ERC case & hood. Est: 800 - 1200.

Lot 657: Kershaw Peregrine III - Taylor Hobson Adotal F2.8/80mm - C:1948-50 - Very Fine - Good shutter - ERC case. Hard to find at this level of condition. It's outstanding. Est: 1000 - 1500.

Lot 665: Ensign Autorange 820 Rangefinder - F3.8/105mm APO Ross Xpress - C:1955 - Shutter slow speeds sticky - ERC Case - EST: 600 - 800.